About Us

The Epiphany!

It was on a movie date while I was pregnant with peanut, that I had an epiphany.  Maybe it was the hormones or maybe it was the popcorn, but I started complaining to my husband about the insane cost of maternity jeans or rather, STYLISH maternity jeans. Not only could they be ridiculously expensive, but they had a very limited shelf life. I mean, why should any woman have to shell out over $150 for jeans that she’ll only fit into for a few months?

Then, after peanut was born 2+ years ago, baby stuff literally began taking over our home and I couldn’t stand it! We had so much stuff that we used for such short periods of time. Just considering all the waste we unnecessarily created (as humans in general, but in our case, as parents) really got my blood flowing!

Baby Steps

The idea for googooswap.com began when I was pregnant. As a stay-at-home Mom with a little one to raise, I’ve been able to spend a few hours per week working on the site. I’ve spent time talking to Moms on the playground, during mommy & me classes, at the library and in the checkout line at grocery stores. I held focus groups in my living room to understand what Moms are looking for and how their lives can be made a little easier with a site like googooswap.com. I hope you find it useful.

Googooswap.com is born!

googooswap.com is a place to save and recoup your hard earned dollars on gently used maternity & baby items while reducing the waste we continue to produce. We are currently available in the Southern California market. As always, we welcome your feedback. Enjoy!

Susanna Peace Lovell
Peanut’s Mommy